Thursday, October 27, 2011

Outdoor Tea Party with Homer Laughlin Western China

Would you like to join us for a picnic tea party today? Come on you can put off those other things you need to do. Come enjoy one of the last days of beautiful weather! Today has a high of 81 but tomorrow's forecast is a high of 52! I will grab the picnic basket and let's go!
How about I pour  you a cup of fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade (with lots of sugar)? Don't worry this cup will be calorie free for you!

Next, would you like some gluten free chocolate  chip cookies that really do taste yummy? These are delish and visit my friend at MamaMeGlutenFree for the recipe.

The china is by Homer Laughlin. It is usually called either "cowboy" or "western". The interesting thing is there was at least two variations made. I know there was a western "rhythm" pattern which had no silver detailing and then there was a "nautilus" pattern which had silver details. These dishes were made in the 1950's and there are several pieces to the set. I am just using a couple here today.

This is the bottom of the sugar bowl. Cute cowboy chasing a steer!
Did I mention we will have company for our tea party? Kiley takes a moment to strike a pose. She picked her tea party outfit herself.

How about sliced apples for something healthy?

Oh, you like the flowers? Why thank you. They are from my garden. Mom bought me several "Rose Glow" hybrid tea rose bushes this spring. Now they are truly lovely. The pink ones are antique.

Yes, the fresh squeezed lemonade is really that good! Oh, and the frozen whole strawberries do make good ice cubes! Better hurry and get another glass before it is all gone!

Did I mention we have another guest? This is Klacey my one year old. Oh and I am not one of those mothers who doesn't allow the kids to play with the real china, silver and crystal. This is memories in the making.

My mom's stance was always if you don't use it then it won't mean anything to them. Of course we want our girls to know the value and joy of good china, silver and crystal! LOL

This is Murphy who is wishing for some tidbits. She looks underfed doesn't she? Um, yeah that is ribbon on her collar compliments of Kiley.

I did mention the cookies are tasty right?

And the lemonade too!

Now the flowers take a hit... oh well, all in the name of memories!

It is a good day.

We are happy campers.

Well, most of us are....

Thanks for visiting! ~Kelsey

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chalkboard Door

I think the best thing about home improvement is when you take something terrible and make it better. Yep, little improvements are what we enjoy around here!

Here is a little DIY improvement from the weekend. Our garage door was ummm... let's say a little lack luster. It had bad water damage at the bottom of the door so I put the wooden planks to cover up the water damage.
A coat of chalkboard paint and some paint and poof we have a cute little play area outside our kitchen door.

So now we have a happy mommy because the door looks better and a happy kid because she has an area to do "chalking" as she calls it.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Let Them be Little

This week's entry into the photo contest at I Heart Faces. The theme is, "Let them be little!" How cute!

I titled this, "Garden Angel." This photo was taken in our garden of my daughter Klacey. Murphy the babysitter in the background! Flowers and dogs do keep kids entertained outside. Yea!

San Antonio Antique Rose Emporium

I recently went to the Antique Rose Emporium in San Antonio. The Antique Rose Emporium is famous for shipping their antique roses everywhere in the country AND their lovely display gardens.

I attended a wonderful fall gardening lecture there and then took a couple of photos of the display gardens. Hope you enjoy!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - People's Choice

Here is my entry for the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge for this week! Go see the other entries here. There are tons of amazing photos by really talented people!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Good Reason to Garden

So why dig in the dirt? Why pull weeds and stickers? Why should we work so hard to get the yard and gardens looking good?

Well, for memories like these of course!

Notice a smiling baby means there are no stickers in that yard!

Oh, and smiles like these make all those back aches and blisters all worth it!

How about you? Why do you garden?

We hope you are making the most of this beautiful weather. Maybe you are even getting some time to "hang out" and "kick" back and relax!