Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tablescape - Fred Roberts Western China

Howdy! I am so excited this is my first tablescape! I still haven't found my nice camera's charger yet so I am still using my iphone. I know, tisk, tisk on me!
Tablescapes - What a fun way for everyone to get out our treasures and USE them! I am a big believer in using the silver everyday! It creates memories!

During college (about 2000) I fell in love with collecting dishes! I started trying to fill out a set of crystal dinnerware that I was given when my grand mother Meme passed away. THEN I discovered that there were several western patterns of china made in the 1940's through 1960's.
So I started collecting antique western china! Whoo - hoo! It has been loads of fun! I have several patterns to share with you in the future!

This pattern was made by Fred Roberts China Co. in the 1950's. I was told that they were rewards for buying clothes soap. Yes, you bought a box of soap and inside was a western plate! Can you believe it? It is like cereal toys for moms!
The glassware is by Bamco. It is not antique. But they are great because you can throw them in the dishwasher! There is a bucking horse on the tea glass if you can't quite tell.

The sterling is Francis the First by Reed and Barton. It was my great-Granmother's. I cherish it!

Oh, and the linens are from Pottery Barn too. I think this color was available in 2008.

The bread and butter plates are vintage fiesta. 
This is the condiment set in the Fred Roberts Western pattern. There are tops and spoons for the little containers which are to be used for ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper. The tray is wooden. Although, this condiment tray was designed for a western BarBQ I though some Don Juan roses from the garden would look nice for a center piece! Lots of fun!
Love the aqua wagons and campfire scenes.
A steer head.
The water pitcher is from Pottery Barn (circa 2008). The sugar and creamer set is a treasure I found somewhere. These cuties were made sometime in the 1950's in Japan.
The cowboy and cowgirl are waiting at the stagecoach stop.

Although there are not a ton of pieces in this pattern, there is a salad bowl that is a wonderful size (10 inch diameter).
This cutting board I found at Round Top. It is very rare.

The tray is probably the most amazing piece. Although the photo doesn't do it justice (I will improve!) it is lovely!

I have few more pieces somewhere that I will show another time.
You can see how big the tray is in this photo! I thought some of the mothers out there might appreciate this photo. I was trying to take photos and Klacey was helping! Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. I am your thumbnail neighbor, and it's nice to visit your blog for the first time! Your tablescape is wonderful, and the tray is so unique. I can really appreciate the photo where Klacey was helping ;o)

  2. I love your collection, thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love those plates, very cute. What a great pic with you little girl on the tray, that was a shocker, I didn't think it would be that big. What a great piece!

  4. I love this! Your tablescape is beautiful! How much fun to play with, too. I agree, Kelsey, I use my good china and good flatware all the time! What a wonderful heirloom and memories you are creating for your girls!

  5. Debbie, your yummy peach pound cake and novel is on my list of things to do! It was a pleasure to visit your site!

    Miss Char, your bunies are too cute! Love, love!

    Elaine, loved your post today about Easter. I love Hillsongs too!

    Diane, you are too sweet! It is fun to use the good stuff and have fun with it! I am heading over to your blog now to see what the pups have been up to!

  6. What a cute all the turquoise, it really brings the pattern of the plates out. Can't wait to see your next table.
    Happy Easter!

  7. Love all the western dishes. In love with Klacy. She is so adorable. I would say you have the best assistant around. Have a joyous Easter. Ginger:)

  8. I can totally relate to your last picture! My boys are always 'helping' me out!! great dishes make a very cute table!

  9. The cowboys and cowgirls on your china are great! I have a friend who has western china and sells it in her booth at a antique mall in Dallas area. I really enjoy seeing your tablescape and will be watching for your next post. The priceless photo of your baby is so sweeeeeet!

  10. How exciting! I also colect Fred Roberts western, both sets the wagon and the longhorn head sets. there are coffee mugs for both and I found plastic glasses with the wagon scenes, and a rectangular side dish with the wagon, as well as a very rare set of bookends with raring palamino paint horses, with the steer head logo and brands on the edge..I had never seen the breadboard before..I envy you! There is an Ice bucket which I do not have to see what i am missing in the sets! Thanks

  11. That is one of the most adorable tablescapes I have ever seen!! I love it and you did a wonderful job putting it all together.

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    I found your blog this morning and what a treat!
    I am a Texas blogger too.

    I enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower-

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  13. Very cute - I loved seeing this. We see these dishes occasionally at flea markets and antique stores. My husband says they had a set and he remembers eating off of them when he was a kid. Loved the way you picked up on the blue.

  14. My favourite colour and theme! I adore western images and the china is so perfect. Lovely lovely, I'm just drooling over here! I really need some cereal toys for mom, too.


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