Friday, April 1, 2011


"Simplicity is the essence of Happiness" ~Cedric Bledsoe

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Here are some wonderful simple fun things we have planned this weekend! We are loving the warm weather!

1. Fresh roses grown in the garden.

3. Coffee. A cup out in the garden before everyone is up. I love the time to reflect on the work we have done, the work to be done and God's work!

2. Lemonade. After a day of yard work, my favorite splurge of the day is a big tall glass of ice cold lemonade.
Photo from Country Living

3. Car wash. We are doing it the old school way of a hose and dawn dish soap - hey it is a great way to keep a three year old entertained and cool on a 90 degree day!

5. Campouts on the trampoline under the stars. Oh, yeah!  

We hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

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