Friday, April 15, 2011

Recipe Idea - Diane's Texas Garden Pasta

Happy Friday evening everyone! Just a quick post to show you what we had for dinner tonight.

If you haven't visited Diane's Texas Garden Blog then you are missing out. The recipe for this pasta dish with shrimp, pasta, tomatos, arugula, cream, etc. is waiting for you! See her post here for the recipe with all of the directions and pictures. The only thing that was missing was a name for this dish so here in my cookbook binder I am calling it Diane's Texas Garden Pasta!
Thank you Diane for such a wonderful recipe! I added some Parmesan and spinach because I only had one arugula plant. But it was lovely! My hubby said it was a repeater recipe! So as Diane says Buon Appetito!  

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  1. Oh Kelsey, you're so sweet :) I'm so glad you tried this recipe and liked it! It really is good and easy. Thank you for the blog love-link too :) that was really nice!


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