Friday, May 6, 2011

What's in your potting bench?

So, here is a personal question for all you gardeners out there - "What's in your potting bench?"

Actually, I have never used a potting bench. Tisk, tisk, yes it was not very sophisticated of me but I would just plant or pot wherever I was working at the time. Therefore, it seemed like I was always going to the shed for soil, the garage for scissors, and so on. Soooo.....I vowed to become civilized and use a potting bench!

Oh, what lovely potting benches there are out there too!

Ugh...yes please!

Here is one from Brooke at Velvet and Linen's trip to Chicago.

Next, we have some inspiration from the movie, "It's Complicated":
and some more eye candy from It's Complicated.

But, honestly this one doesn't make me happy. It makes me think - hmmm.. oh how do I put this - messy! Okay, so I could go for a neat and tidy look like this one below from World Market:

Yeah, it doesn't look like a "real" gardener lives there does it? Not enough room to do much there. So, maybe I could go for something with more character?

I loved this one:
But it is a little too ornate for my garden "look". However, the member of gardenweb, kirkus, did do an excellent job because this potting bench started from this:

So that has me thinking maybe something on the home made side with character!
So then I thought about making this one that is on Sunset's website. They give you nice instructions too!

But then reality set it and I realized that I have WAY too long of a honey do list already!

So, then I thought about being "green" and using what I already have. Hmmm..... what do I have in the shed already? I do have a little piece that I redid back in college from a junk shop... hmmm... where is that?

While I am looking for a potting bench I have a couple of questions for you! My questions out there to all of you master gardeners is do you have a potting bench? What kind? What do you store there?

Thanks for sharing! Gardening is such a fun learning process! I love to read comments from new friends too!


  1. I hopped over to see your tablescape. I loved the dishes!!! I'm your newest follower.

  2. Hi there Kelsey! What a great post...

    I do not have a potting bench. It is just another spot for stuff to accumulate, like a shelf or a table top. But that is just me.

    And if you have a really big garden, you go big. Lots of tools and equipment etc.


    The benches are so cute and I love them too! I know you will create a wonderful spot for your gardening "stuff"!

    Can't wait to see it! And your garden too...

    xo kelley

  3. Hi Kelley! Wow, what a treat to have a visit from you! The Polished Pebble is one of my FAVORITE blogs! Thanks for visiting and I hope your lavender is doing great - all eighty of so of them!

  4. They look nice - I wish I had room :). Fun post, thanks for showing these.

  5. I have a thing for potting benches. Thanks for coming by my blog for a visit. have a great day. Richard at My Old Historic House

  6. I would absolutely love to have one of those charming little potting benches on my patio. But nah, it would take up too much space ... that's why we make do with a step ladder. I kid you not. It has broad steps, so we stack on our fertilizer and little potted plants, hang our itty bitty transitional sprouts, and prop up our tools next to the big bag of soil. Nowhere near as glam as the lovely benches in those photos. But it does seem to work out ok for the space available :) Thank you for visiting me Kelsey - so glad I found your blog!!


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