Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Week In My Garden

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time in their garden. So I took a few photos this morning. Have a great weekend!

This agave just bloomed and it is right outside my kitchen window.
A fun yellow sphere next to an iris.
Electric Blue Sage
One of the front door pots. Petunias, zinnias, red sage and variegated box leaf euronymous.
Squash bloom from the kitchen garden.
Plums ripening in morning sun.
Murphy helping me in the garden.
More plums.
Love the patina.
Thanks for visiting!

I am joining The Little Round Table for this week in my garden here. Go take a look at all the wonderful gardens plus the tablescapes are spectacular!


  1. What a beautiful snapshot of your garden and your home Kelsey! Love the plums :) My sage is blooming beautifully too. It likes the hot (hot!) sun. And your agave is gorgeous! We have them around here and the blooms are spectacular! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. I love the agave. We had it in Sedona; never made any tequila, though!
    Thanks for sharing the photos of your charming garden.

  3. Thanks! Y'all are too sweet.

    Diane, yes the sage is doing great but it is so hot and dry here that even my red sage was parched yesterday and appreciated a little drink!

    Sandra, oh, I would love to see Sedona! When is the best time to visit Sedona? Fall? Spring?

  4. Love the agave! How dramatic! I've read that the mother plant dies after blooming like that? Those plums look so nice. I would be making plum jelly!

  5. Holley, Yes, the agave will have to be removed this fall. It is exciting and sad to see them bloom. Please come show me how to make plum jelly!

  6. I love plum jelly-it is my favorite! Looks like you have abumper crop. I have never seen an agave in bloom-spectacular!

  7. Wonderful shot of the agave!

    I'll take a plum please and a puppy kiss from your fur baby!

    Thanks for stopping by the garden party,

  8. The agave is like a sculpture, and you have captured it in just the right light. Looks like you might be able to make some plum jelly if your photos are any indication.


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