Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitchen Garden Update August 2011

A quick update on the kitchen garden! So a quick recap (or you could read the post here).

In March of this year I (like everyone else in the planet) wanted a kitchen garden. So I drew up a plan this winter (good therapy for cold winter blahs)!

In March we started with this lovely patch of ground (I know you are all jealous of this photo):
Then after a two weekends with my sweet hubby babysitting it looked like this:
Now looks like this!
Three raised veggie beds behind the three fruit trees. Strawberries and zinnias in the ovals. Blueberry bushes in the barrels. It is soooo much fun to go out in the morning with the girls and look for strawberries!

Oh and this area here

Now looks like:

Um and this area here:

Yes, I see the grass still trying to fill in the pathway. I haven't put in the vintage gate and cedar fence but I am very pleased with how it looks despite the Texas drought and heat!

Here is some more random photos.
Above are the three boxes that we put in for Kiley (my three year old). There is some corn, eggplant, greenbeans and tomatos.

Above is the berry patches. Blueberries in the pots and strawberries in the brick raised bed. Also, zinnias and marigolds.

Below is my cutting garden on the left. There are pink roses in the first bed and then red roses in the far left bed. The pink roses are Tiffany, Queen Elizabeth, Belinda's Dream, and pink peace. In the red rose garden is Chrysler Imperial, Europena, and Mr. Lincoln. They have only been planted for about three weeks so things are looking great for baby roses in Texas heat!
I am planning on adding in more irises, bulbs and lavender into the cutting gardens.
Above is the pink roses garden from another view. Then below is the view of the red rose cutting garden. There are yellow cannas in the back next to the house. Looking forward to all the flowers!

My potting table is below. It is very handy for now. Below is what it looked like this morning - working on fall planting already!
All the above was made possible with the following helpers:
1. Klacey (one year old) who is illustrating the art of mudpie making. (Not a bad way to water the grass and entertain kids all in one!)
2. Kiley who is showing off our produce. Oh and she did pick out her outfit all by herself! Serious gardener there guys!
3. Odie and Murphy
If you need a laugh watch this! Odie the puppy is using the new seesaw!
4. Hubby for the raised beds and babysitting services.
5. Last but not least - MOM! Yep, my birthday gift this year was roses, lots and lots of roses! Thanks Mom! Love ya!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful summer and enjoying it as much as we are here! Linking to:

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  1. It's just divine. I wish I had more yard room. Looks like a task well done. Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. VERY impressive! A great transformation! It looks like your plans were perfect - and the outcome is fabulous! A garden to enjoy for many years.

  3. Kelsey I cannot believe you got all that done! Amazing! And you did it with all that heat and drought too.

    Best of all I love the fact that someone else drags their iPhone out into the yard...I am constantly loosing mine and have to go inside and call myself!

    Keep it coming!

    xo Kelley

  4. Ok, I'm exhausted just looking at your amazing garden. That must have been a lot of work, but look at what you have created...amazing!
    Thank you for your email and for sharing this part of your life with me. I really appreciate it. This is what it's all about, isn't it?


  5. goodness gracious Kelsey - your yard is astonishing! Everything! The fence, flowerbeds, GIANT squash, adorable kids, playground, dogs that can do circus tricks - beautiful zinnias and roses, cute potting bench, and did I see nasturtium and morning glory too? What is the climate like in Alpine? I cannot keep a nasturtium alive past March. Believe it or not, one of my colleagues here at work is from Alpine. All I know is west Texas. Is it near Marathon? The Gage Hotel is on my travel list. anyway - thank you for visiting me earlier and leaving such a thoughtful comment. Reminded me to stop by and I'm SO glad I did - I'm totally amazed! Beautiful job and what a lovely addition to your overall family life. xoxo, Diane

  6. WOW! I am sooooo impressed!!! You guys have done an awesome job!

  7. All the work, time and patience paid off. Your yard and patio looks very nice. The red chairs are a nice addition.

  8. What a fabulous transformation--and it all started with a vision!


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    Was claiming he always saw red.
    He saw it all day,
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  9. What a wonderful transformation. Looks like a lot of hard work.

  10. Awesome transformation you have here and just look at those cute littlw helpers. I’m having an awesome GIVEAWAY…enter to WIN a $40 POTTERY BARN GIFT CARD!


  11. Girl you have worked this summer! What a great garden and what wonderful little helpers.

  12. Your plans came to life beautifully. Everyhing is so perfect!!!Love the red chairs.

  13. Blog hopping and stumble your blog here. Your garden inspired me to do my backyard more nicer. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow, this is fantastic. Your garden turned out just like your drawing. What a transformation. Featuring it tonight at WOW. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Lovely gardens and gorgeous tablescapes, I'm following now so I don't miss anything.

  16. Could you please share the red paint color of your metal chairs? Did you use spray paint?


  17. I found your blog on Cozy Little House. Love that outdoor area. And the view... stunning. I am a new follower. I am also a Texan.

  18. Hi Kelsey,

    I just hopped over from Cozy Little Cottage. I love what you did with the yard and its giving me a lot of inspiration. My front yard looks a lot like you before pictures.

    I'm glad to have found out. Looks like you got a lot of great stuff here.

  19. I can't believe you made this all happen with that terrible drought Texas is going through!

    You must have a 'magical' green thumb!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!


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