Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gage Gardens in Marathon, Texas Part 1

Travel out here to West Texas and you can enjoy beautiful mountains, gorgeous sunsets, Big Bend National Park and many other amazing sites! In Marathon, Texas is a mixture of dessert and mountains so when you are exploring the small town there is a surprising oasis called Gage Gardens! It is open to the public and owned and maintained by the historic Gage Hotel. I took a quick visit last September and here are some photos.

I love soft tip yucca (below). I intend to use some local rock in my backyard garden as well! It is a great focal point AND kid's play area!

Notice the railroad ties that were used to make this fence. Very creative!
Isn't this a fun place? I love the contrast of different types of plants. There is lush fescue grass throughout the grounds. However, they mix in cactus, grasses, sages, roses, pines, etc. It is a combination that works!
The water tank is a great focal point and I love the vitex tree too!
Great flower bed that can stand West Texas 100 degree weather!

The  path that leads you thoughout the property is tumbled glass. Very attractive.
A real surpise in this desert country is at the back of the property is a great pond with water fountain!

The grass is a luxury out here! It is so soft to walk on!
There were even some roses to greet us!
Creative method to cover the water pumps and equipment.
Love the stone paths.

I will show some photos of the actual Gage Hotel Landscaping tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful garden, Kelsey. I guess I didn't think West Texas could be so green and lush and it is a beautiful part of our great State! :)

  2. Thank you Diane for stopping by. Your blog was one that I watched for a while and then wanted to create a blog so I could join in the fun of visiting with all of your great gardener!

  3. I'm headed to SW OK this summer, but I doubt I'll see nice images like this. You never know, though.


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