Monday, March 28, 2011

Mom's rock border project

I love where I grew up. I always have and always will! One of my favorite areas to hang out was the front yard.

The huge pecan trees were so cool in the summer and the sound of the wind blowing through those trees is my idea of heaven. There was also St. Augustine grass and it was always so cool to lie on or run around bare foot on! We would turn on the sprinkler and run though it or turn the pony loose in the front yard and play cowboy and indians riding her bareback. It is my idea of the perfect childhood!

Fast forward thirty years (ouch!) and now Mom has been adding beds of roses, hibiscus, double bridal wreath, daylillies and irises. This past weekend she had stone borders installed. She had a crew go out into the pasture and bring in white limestone rock to do all of it! Quite a job!

Okay so this the only before photo I have:

Here is the front bed half way complete:
Here is the front border complete. You can see how the rock border really finishes the look!

 The trees are pomegranate trees. They are fixing to bloom into an explosion of orange blooms! I really like how they arch over the windows.
Mom and I wondered why she didn't do this years ago! The shrubs are variagated pittosporum by the way.

This is the guesthouse and Mom continued the intallation of the beds down to here. It looks a little sparse right now but variagated pittosporum and yellow roses are coming soon! I am hoping for arching yellow roses to frame the main arch entrance here. (Hint, hint Mom)

Next is the corner which had a dead palm tree stump in it that had to be removed. Now you can't even tell it was here! Go Mom!

Under the elm tree was this before:

Now there is this border.
Here is a close up of the rock border - oh, and those cute kids whose are they? Oh, I think I will claim them! Hee, hee! (That is a baby kitten by the way - not a mouse!)

More photos to come of the completed project!

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  1. That's a great story of your childhood, I love the idea of a pony in the front yard. Your mom is lucky to still be able to garden, my mom used to have a big garden but has had to move to a condo recently.... She still grows lots of potted plants though.

  2. I love my mom and I am glad that she still has fun in the garden too! But just having a mom still around to visit with is the best part right?! I LOVE plants in pots!

  3. How nice our childhood, I love to hear this family cozy stories! Your babies are so adorable! You have a nice mom, enjoy her all you can, because before you know it, they're 80 like mine...doing well, though, thank God!
    Thanks for passing by hon, but you said you liked a plate in a banner?...which one is that?
    I'll take a look again.


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