Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vintage Western Birthday Party Tablescape

Howdy! Recently, my youngest daughter turned one year old! Of course we had the family over for some fun birthday cupcakes! Ooops, I am sorry how rude of me - do you want to join? Great! Well then, come on in and grab a fork!

and a plate
and maybe some chicken salad on croissants? Don't forget the fruit salad and fresh veggies!
Click on the photo of the chicken salad to go to the recipe I used from Southern Living. It was amazing! Very easy! Honey mustard and walnuts was the kicker in my opinion. It is one of those recipes that makes you look like a genius chef!
Next, let's find you a seat so you can eat! (I am a poet and didn't know it!) 
Oh, I do de-clare where are my manners? Would you like some coffee?
How about a red velvet cupcake? (Oh and we don't do that fast and easy cream cheese frosting around here. No sir. We cook the milk then mix it with real butter just like my grandmother taught me!)

Yes, that is a fingerswip of frosting. It is that good! The finger swipe mark is compliments of my three year old.

Would you like to look around?
A few vintage western valentines. That one says, "There is no use bucking it Valentine!"

Hope to see you again r-e-a-l soon!
P.S. I love love love comments! Don't we all!
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  1. The cupcakes look yummy! I like your hutch and colorful dishes.

  2. What a cute party theme and with chicken salad and red velvet cup cakes, it doesn't get any better than that. I'm popping over from Brenda's Cozy Little House.

  3. Kelsey, thanks for stopping by! So glad you enjoy all the topics I share over there. I try to keep it interesting & honestly it is my life & what I'm doing, so it keeps me hopping. I'm having the time of my life!

  4. Very cute! I may use the same frosting recipe that you use for my red velvet cake. Not that cream cheese frosting isn't good (on carrot cake) but red velvet cake calls for a good old cooked French Silk Frosting.

    BTW, my brother spent many years going to school and living in Alpine. He's much older than you but you may know him, Mike Nelson. He and his wive now live on a ranch near Loraine (Sweetwater) she has a house in Marfa.

  5. What a cute theme for the birthday party! You did a great job! You're a poet, but don't know it, only your feet show it: They're Longfellows! :-) Gosh...I remember that from a Jiminy Cricket record I had when I was a kid which was about a billion years ago! Funny Have a great weekend! :-)

  6. I love everything western I must have been a cowgirl in a former life lol Julie


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