Sunday, April 3, 2011

Counter tops using oak flooring and travertine tile

Mom's kitchen counter tops are done! What is "out of the box" and interesting is she decided to use 2 1/2 inch red oak lumber flooring and travertine tile!

The problem was conventional granite would have competed with the 100 year old carved stone wall that she uncovered on the opposite side of the kitchen. Originaly in the 1800's, this area was a covered porch because the kitchen was in a separate building. This was typical of the period because of the heat generated from cooking. Here is a photo of the rock that was discovered accidentally by Mom and her handy chisel.

She contemplated bucther block as well. However, butcher block counter tops looked too modern compared to the rest of the wood used though out the 19th century ranch house.

Here is the what the lumber pieces looked like to begin with.

One of the secrets to a success is you must pick really straight pieces from the bundle of flooring.

Dad is working on installing the wood pieces. Go Dad! (Notice the anvil on the counters? It is what is used to shape the horse shoes before they go onto the horse's feet. Turns out it is handy in kitchen renovations as well! Ha ha.) My Dad can shoe horses too!
Next, the wooden counter tops were stained with Old Masters brand wiping stain in the color of Early American. Then Mom used a marine grade urethane to finish the counter tops.
Then the back splash of travertine tile (18 x18) was added. This is what the tiles looked like before installation.
 She decided on very fine grout so that it looks continuous.
In the beverage area she decide to use the travertine tile as the backsplash and counter top.

She also used the travertine tile as backsplash and counter top near the stove top.
Here is a close up.

The other side of the stove top.

Thanks for visiting to see how the counter tops turned out! We will post more on the complete kitchen soon! Until then here is a teaser.
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  1. Beautiful make over your parents did!, perfect for the style of the home. I love the way it looks, I love homes with a past and a story that they bring with their arquitechture.
    Have a nice week!

  2. What a beautiful restoration project! Is this an older home that your parent's are renovating? The counter tops are beautiful! So...what are you gonna cook when the kitchen is done? :) Because it really is all about the food!

  3. How did you install the countertop? Did you need to have extra wood to support the flooring or just the cabinet base? I would love to see a tutorial of how you did this.

  4. Diane, yes this is the ranch headquarters in Del Rio (not far from Boerne) and it was an established state stop back in the late 1800's. My Mom is a great cook so lots of great cooking is in order! I am going to HEB tomorrow to get ingredients for your latest shrimp dish! Yumm!

    Amber, I will do a tutorial soon. My Dad is going to do my countertops so I will make sure and get photos. Thanks for the interest! They are beautiful and quite affordable!

    Thanks so much! ~Kelsey

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  6. This has been a great idea to install counter tops using oak flooring. I think your mom’s kitchen looks awesome. It was worth the effort. Your dad has done a great work and your mom has a great taste when it comes to decorating.

  7. Thanks for sharing this with us! It was very useful! I was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding Flooring tiles?

  8. That’s cool! Your Oak countertop is a good balancer to your home that is made of brickstones, from what I see on the photos --- correct me if I'm wrong. But I’m afraid Oak is prone to scratches, so you should be careful with that. Religious upkeep is much advised.



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